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What would a set table look like without dishes, cutlery, and glasses? Exactly, a boring, empty table, covered only with a lonely tablecloth. However, with the interaction of dishes, cutlery, and glasses your table will start looking colorful and be brought to life. A wonderful opportunity to present your very own style and taste. Are you a young family with little children and like it colorful and practical? Then check out our Rice articles. The durable, multicolored Melamine plates, cups and bowls do not just put you in a happy mood, but will also survive a fall or two from the highchair. You like to experiment with different colors and patterns when setting the table, but insist on good quality? Then the stylish GreenGate stoneware is just what you are looking for. The different GreenGate series can be easily mixed and let your festively set table look even more interesting. If you like your dishes single-colored, then you might be interested in the trendy Mynte stoneware by Ib Laursen, which is available in many different colors. If you like funny saying and captions on your cups, plates and bowls, then you will find what you are looking for with the brand names Bloomingville and Krasilnikoff. No matter what style or taste you have, you will also find matching glasses and cutlery in this section. So, get started, give your table your very own, personal touch!

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