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The kitchen is the heart of any home. The kitchen is not just a room with oven, fridge and table, no; it is most likely the most important room of your home. You do not just bake and cook in here, family dramas are carried out in here, you have parties with family and friends in the kitchen, you dance around the kitchen table and in this room, disappointments are cured with a midnight ice cream snack. The kitchen should be practical and cozy, and if possible reflect your personal taste and style. In the category kitchen, you find everything that can improve and simplify your time in the kitchen. You can find modern electric kettles by Cafetière, which will heat up water for a luxurious cup of tea in no time and chic aprons and grill gloves by GreenGate that will protect you from spills and burns. Nostalgic kitchen scales by Bloomingville and Ib Laursen can be found here, which are not just practical, but are also very nice to look at. Diligent kitchen helpers by brand names like Rice, Lene Bjerre and Nordal are among this category, really just about anything from a silicon spoon to a trendy kitchen timer. The popular Mynte series by Ib Laursen makes sure you have baking forms in all colors, sizes, and shapes and there is a huge selection of tea towels by designer brands like Ib Laursen, GreenGate, H. Skjalm P. and Krasilnikoff. Step into our kitchen world, and let yourself be amazed and inspired by all the brand names, the vast selection of kitchen products, and the beautiful color combinations and designs.

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