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    An oilcloth can be both beautiful and super practical. Once you are done eating, it can be quickly wiped off and if there’s a spill on the tablecloth, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. We recommend wiping off spills immediately, especially for heavily colored foods such as curry, ketchup, beetroot etc. At FineNordic we have a large selection of oilcloths with fine patterns and colors. All cloths are cut to your wishes to suit your particular table. In this category we have a wealth of oilcloths from A.U Maison and also some from GreenGate in exquisite quality and with patterns and colors that add life and interest to both the table and the room. We have selected oilcloths from A.U Maison and GreenGate in sophisticated and Nordic colors, all of which can be ordered on this page according to exactly the size you need. Be sure to look through our web shop from time to time because there are often good deals available in this category. So let yourself be tempted by high quality oilcloths at a great price. Oilcloths, cut to your wishes, can’t be returned.

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