Maileg Mega Pixy Hopper 2018

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Maileg Mega Pixy Hopper 2018

This more than 1 m tall Mega Pixy Hopper 2018 from Maileg is a very impressive looking pixy. He’s wearing a tall red pixy hat, a sweater adorned with a Scandinavian pattern, grey knee-long pants and red mittens and socks. He has a mischievous smile on his face, which makes you wonder what he might be up to. Pixies are known to be a little mischievous and they like to joke around and do little pranks. However, Hopper also likes to help getting the house decorated for Christmas, wrap presents and bake cookies. But what he loves most, after the work is done, is to have tea-time in the afternoon with his little human friend. Then they can sip some aromatic tea, chat and tell each other funny stories. Thanks to Maileg’s good quality, Hopper will be a longtime friend and companion for your little loved one.

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