Maileg King Clothes for Mouse

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Maileg King Clothes for Mouse

In the wonderful world of Maileg, it happens quite regularly that Dad Mouse feels like dressing up as a king, so he can read a good night story to his mice children in style. He puts on his robe, his striped pants and of course the crown, which is like the cherry on the cupcake. Then he grabs his big fairytale book and goes striding down the corridor to the children’s bedroom. When the mice kids hear him approaching and see what he’s wearing, they scurry over to their little beds, hop in, pull the blankets up to their chins and wait excitedly for what’s to come! King Mouse Dad comes in, sits down in the armchair, gets comfortable and then the magic moment happens: He puts on his reading glasses and opens up the book! For the next half hour you hear nothing but Dad Mouse’s voice when reading about princesses and kings, but soon you can hear some soft snores coming out of the mice kids’ beds. Maybe you have a mouse dad who also would like to be king for the day every now and then? This this would be the perfect outfit for him.

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