Ib Laursen Brick Mould Unique

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Ib Laursen Brick Mould Unique

The Ib Laursen Brick Form Unique is a wonderful home accessory and can be used in many ways. Each form is unique. Use it as a storage box, decorate it with plants, candles or other decorative items, the possibilities are endless. The wooden forms were used in India to make hand molded bricks. The clay is being put into the form and then it’s pressed and shaken, and the brick is taken out, so it can lie in the sun and dry. Then the form is ready for producing more bricks. All brick forms are unique as to wood type, age and appearance. The rustic look is a big part of the Ib Laursen brick form’s charm. (The wooden brick form is available in different sizes and with different number of compartments.)

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