Maileg Prince Maxi Mouse

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Maileg Prince Maxi Mouse

Once upon a time there was a Maileg Prince Maxi Mouse who looked all spiffy in his lovely petrol shirt. It was of the very best quality and the thinnest fabric. His pants were made of striped linen and on his head, he proudly wore his golden crown. He got all dressed up one day, because he was supposed to meet the Maxi Mouse Princess for the very first time. He wanted to give her a royal welcome and show her around his Mouse kingdom. This Prince Mouse looked very confident from afar and he even wore a little smile on his face, but when you looked a little closer you could see that he looked a bit edgy and his mouse tail was twitching nervously. So you, dear customer, took him by the hand and let him know everything will be alright and that there’s nothing to be nervous about, because if the princess didn’t want him, then you would take him home to your kingdom and well, you did ..and you lived happily ever after. The End!

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