Maileg Princess Maxi Mouse

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Maileg Princess Maxi Mouse

Once upon a time there was a Maileg Princess Maxi Mouse who was all excited, because today she would meet her prince for the very first time. She got dressed in her prettiest princess dress, put her crown on her head and then she was ready to go. Her mouse carriage was already waiting for her in front of the mouse castle and off she went. The mouse prince lived far away, but after many hours of driving through the country side, the coachman admitted with a sad face, that he was lost. After making numerous stops, and asking a badger, a crow and a squirrel for the way to the castle, they finally arrived at the mouse prince’s majestic home. They were 12.5 hours late and to the princess’s huge dismay, they were told that the prince had waited and waited and then a woman with a child came by. The woman told the mouse prince that she was looking for a playmate for her child, and so the prince decided to go with them and hasn’t been seen since. The mouse princess started to cry, but then was told by the prince’s butler that the woman actually asked for two playmates, since she had two children at home. Long story short, the mouse princess joined the mouse prince and they and the children lived happily ever after. The End!

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