Pip Studio Bowl Blushing Birds Yellow 12 cm

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Pip Studio Bowl Blushing Birds Yellow 12 cm

Enjoy some soup, cornflakes or salad from this appealing Blushing Birds Yellow bowl from Pip Studio. The bowl is made of delicate porcelain and has a diameter of 12 cm. The yellow bowl is decorated with a beautiful bird and exotic flowers and a part of the print extends over the edge and all the way into the white inside of the bowl. Once you’ve finished eating your soup or salad, a small butterfly will appear in the bowl’s inside center. The Blushing Birds Yellow bowl combines nicely with the other tableware products from that same collection. Have a look in our web shop at all the fantastic Blushing Birds Yellow items we have available and mix and match them as you please.

  • Diameter
    12 cm
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    Pip Studio
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